Starting from
R 4317.00 ZAR /mo
R1999.00ZAR Setup Fee
Order Service
  • 450 Products
  • 21 Content pages
  • 1 Hour Content Updates
  • 2.5 vCPU Core
  • 3GB RAM
  • 36GB SSD Storage


Starting from
R 5697.00 ZAR /mo
R2999.00ZAR Setup Fee
Order Service
  • 1500 Products
  • 33 Content pages
  • 1.5 Hours Content Updates
  • 3 vCPU Core
  • 4GB RAM
  • 42GB SSD Storage


Starting from
R 7857.00 ZAR /mo
R3999.00ZAR Setup Fee
Order Service
  • 4500 Products
  • 45 Content pages
  • 2 Hours Content Updates
  • 4 vCPU Core
  • 5GB RAM
  • 54GB SSD Storage


Starting from
R 9647.00 ZAR /mo
R4999.00ZAR Setup Fee
Order Service
  • 6500 Products
  • 54 Content pages
  • 2.5 Hours Content Updates
  • 5 vCPU Core
  • 6GB RAM
  • 66GB SSD Storage

Pricing above is the base pricing final pricing displayed selection process on the order / configure service page.

Please Note: Content updates apply to general content & not product maintenance. Product maintenance (additions, updates & visual alterations) is not limited within reason for the applicable service.Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and a News / Blog pages are included as standard pages outside your page count quotas, the specific content for these pages must be provided to sparrowhawk.cloud. We do not offer legal advice for Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy content. Whilst we don't limit the number of updates or posts submitted for News / Blog pages the actions consume time from your monthly allocated time. For web design services related to insurance, healthcare, finance, or management of client funds, we require proof of your business registration  and confirmation of registration within the relevant industry regulatory body. This ensures compliance and legitimacy in these sensitive sectors.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • co.za Domain & Renewal
  • Monthly Content & Product Updates
Sage Accounting Integration
Accounting Integrations

Link inventory, customers & raise orders from your managed eCommerce store directly into Sage Business Cloud, Sage 50c Partner, Sage 50c Xpress, Sage 200 Evolution or Sage 300.

B2B Account Creation Automation

Automated customer account creation occurs on eCommerce store/s based on your accounting software customer accounts.

Stock Syncronisation

Quantity on hand or quantity available. Inventory stock values synchronized from your accounting software to the online store/s.

Document Raising

Choose between Invoice, Sales Order or Quotation as the document type to be raised / created on the connected accounting software as a result of web based sales.

Multiple Pricelists

Synchronise & display the relevant price lists to your B2B customers based on ERP price list association. Quantity discounts & various custom rules can be applied.

B2B & B2C Paths

Serve B2B and / or B2C customers. In the case of B2B sales, documents are raised under the customer's account in the accounting software & with B2C documents are raised under a cash account.

Managed eCommerce
Payment Gateways

Fully featured payment gateways include PayFast, PayPal, NetCash, Yoco to support various payment methods in once off or reoccurring payments.

Shipping Integrations

Aramex, Courier Guy, Pargo custom shipping rates are a few of the shipping integrations available to calculate your visitors totals on checkout.

Product Maintenance

Utilising advanced tools & methods in handling the "heavy lifting" of product addition, updates & maintenance sparrowhawk.cloud ensures timely & streamlined process.

Content Updates

In an effort to provide a solid all round eCommerce package, each of our plans includes monthly time allocated to update your web site as according to your requests.

Security & Maintenance

With over 12 years web hosting experience we are well versed at maintaining infrastructure & sites to high standards in turn taking care of platform & security maintenance.

Verical & Horizontal Scaling

Designed for growth, our eCommerce services support both vertical and horizontal scaling to match your evolving business needs.

Base Technology Stack
WHM & cPanel

Ensuring efficient & flexible management of your website's hosting environment, enabling you to focus on growing your business while we handle the technical details.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Cutting-edge technology accelerating load times & optimising efficiency. Benefiting from advanced caching and optimised resource management in handling traffic surges with ease.


Hardened kernels & advanced PHP optimization, ensuring enhanced stability & efficiency in maintaining high-quality web services.


Known for its speed and reliability, MariaDB enhances data handling, providing a robust foundation.

Embracing an eCommerce as a service licensing model, our service operates without long-term contracts, offering month-to-month flexibility. This approach ensures you benefit from ongoing, up-to-date web design and hosting services with minimal upfront costs. Your website remains functional and current as long as your account is up to date, giving you the freedom to scale or adjust according to your business needs, all while avoiding the commitment of a long-term contract.
Our eCommerce as a service licensing model is a modern approach to website creation and management. It significantly reduces upfront costs, offering a subscription-based model that covers not just design but also ongoing maintenance and updates. This model ensures that your website is not only professionally designed but also continuously managed and updated to meet evolving digital standards. Ideal for micro and small businesses, it allows you to have a state-of-the-art, worry-free online presence, enabling you to focus on your business growth.
Yes, you have the option to transition from the eCommerce as a service licensing model to owning & managing all the parameters of your website by means a one-time fee. The purchase price is determined based on the extent of development and customization invested in your project over it's lifespan.
Our packages are comprehensive, covering most needs without additional charges. However, if you require services beyond the allocated monthly update time, custom functions or coding, additional fees may apply. We always communicate any potential upfront extra costs, maintaining transparency and allowing for informed decisions.
The timeline for designing and coding your website varies, as it depends on several factors. These include our current project workload, how promptly we receive the necessary information from you, and the speed of communication and feedback. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring your website meets our high standards of quality and aligns with your vision.
Absolutely. We prioritize responsive design in all our projects. Every website we create is optimized for a seamless viewing experience across various devices, including phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops. This ensures your website looks great and functions well, no matter how your audience accesses it.
Our web design package includes popular domain extensions such as .co.za, .net.za, .web.za, and .org.za. Please note that the range of available extensions may be revised or expanded from time to time to accommodate changes in the digital landscape and to offer you the best options for your website's identity.
Our policy is designed to ensure optimal performance and regular content refreshment for your website. Therefore, the monthly time allocated for updates is intended for use within the current month and does not accumulate. This encourages regular, timely updates to keep your website dynamic and engaging, aligning with best web practices.
Our web design packages are ideal for micro and small businesses, especially those without in-house web development staff. We cater to a diverse range of needs, from creating professional, informative websites for service-based businesses to developing more dynamic sites for B2C and B2B enterprises. Whether you're looking to establish your online presence or enhance it, our packages offer scalable and affordable solutions.
Our commitment to security goes beyond SSL certificates. We utilize a combination of advanced firewall technologies and monitoring systems to protect your website. Without disclosing specific details for security reasons, we assure you that multiple layers of defense, including Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and customized security rules, are in place. These measures are continually updated to guard against evolving threats, ensuring robust protection for your online presence.