Disabling Outlook Add-ins

This article explains how to disable Outlook Add-ins.

One would want to disable Outlook Add-ins in troubleshooting Outlook issues:

Outlook does not close correctly, runs in the process list thereby not allowing another Outlook instance to open.
Outlook crashes randomly & requires re-launch.

Open Outlook & click the File tab in the upper right corner.

From File click / select Options

Once the Options windows is open select Add-ins on the left navigation panel


At the bottom of the main content window of Add-ins under the Manage drop down when COM Add-ins is selected click Go

Once the COM Add-ins window is open uncheck all of the Add-ins available & click OK


Close Outlook & relaunch Outlook.

If your issues with Outlook are resolved with all the add-ins disabled & you don't require any addins then no further action is required.

If you require a certain add-on, you can carry out the above tasks enabling each add-on one by one until you find the add-on causing the issue.

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