How to login to cPanel

This article explains how to log in to cPanel which will give you access to manage your web hosting services.

There are a number of ways to access cPanel directly via URL.

The best route to access cPanel, if your domain's  DNS propagation is not yet & your SSL certificate installs are pending, is via the server's IP address.
Replace "" with your servers IP address or replace "" with your domain name.


Use one of the variations above replacing the IP & domain name with your server IP & enter your cPanel URL / web address into your web browser (FireFox, Chrome, Edge etc.) & you will see the screen below.


cPanel Login


One you are the cPanel login page; enter your username, password  & click login. A successful login to your cPanel account will show you the main control panel page, as seen below. You can now start creating / managing emails accounts, websites & web hosting services.


cPanel Home

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