• Personal

    From R69.00/mo
    • 5GB SSD Disk Space
    • 15GB Bandwidth
    • ----------- -----------
    • 5 Websites
    • 5 Databases
    • 50 Email Accounts
    • 500 Emails /hr
    • 50 FTP Accounts
    • 5 Sub Domains
    • ---------- ----------
    • cPanel
    • Domain Included
    • Daily Backups
    • Website Builder
    • Commerce Builder
    • Website Import
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  • Professional

    From R149.00/mo
    • 10GB SSD Disk Space
    • 30GB Bandwidth
    • ----------- -----------
    • 10 Websites
    • 10 Databases
    • 100 Email Accounts
    • 1000 Emails /hr
    • 100 FTP Accounts
    • 10 Sub Domains
    • ---------- ----------
    • cPanel
    • Domain Included
    • Daily Backups
    • Website Builder
    • Commerce Builder
    • Website Import
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  • Business

    From R199.00/mo
    • 20GB SSD Disk Space
    • 60GB Bandwidth
    • ----------- -----------
    • 20 Websites
    • 20 Database
    • 200 Email Accounts
    • 2000 Emails /hr
    • 200 FTP Accounts
    • 20 Sub Domains
    • ---------- ----------
    • cPanel
    • Domain Included
    • Daily Backups
    • Website Builder
    • Commerce Builder
    • Website Import
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  • Elite

    From R299.00/mo
    • 40GB SSD Disk Space
    • 120GB Bandwidth
    • ----------- -----------
    • 40 Websites
    • 40 Databases
    • 400 Email Accounts
    • 4000 Emails /hr
    • 400 FTP Accounts
    • 40 Sub Domains
    • ---------- ----------
    • cPanel
    • Domain Included
    • Daily Backups
    • Website Builder
    • Commerce Builder
    • Website Import
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Website Builder
Applies only to the main domain of your selected hosting plan when using the webiste builder.

Personal is limited to 5 web pages & the commerce builder is disabled.

Professional, Business & Elite have unlimited web pages & the commerce builder enabled.

cPanel Features

Email Management

Manage & access your email accounts with ease, with such tools as webmail, email archiving, filtering, email trace & auto-reponders.

WebDav / Web Disk

Configure accounts to store & access data remotely. We do not restrict the types of data you can store so long as it is within our acceptable usage policy.


Create FTP acocunts for your employees or web developers to manage your website, content & storaged data We recommend WinSCP.

Sub Domains

Expand your website into sub domains in catering for blogs, ecommerce & internal password protected sites.


Monitor & gather statistics from cPanel in analysing visitor trends of your main & sub domains.

Backup / Restore Manager

Easily generate backups & perform granular restoration of apects of your account & files.

Database Management

Create databases & users quickly with the database wizard. Utilising PhpMyAdmin for database management

SPAM Control

Blacklist & whitelist email addresses in creating your own rules with SpamAssassin.

PHP Selector

Quickly set / change between current & security hardened PHP versions in accordance with your domain & sub domain needs.

Account Management

Manage email accounts from an easy to use interface in creating, deleting accounts or & updating passwords.

Email Compression

Mailservers have a high level of compression configured, saving critical disk space for email / data retention.

Delivery Tracking

Review email delivery routes in locating / identifying any problems with email delivery.

Email Deliverability

Keep an eye on critcal DNS factors in classfying sent email correctly.

PGP Encryption

Messages can encrypted using a “public key” & decrypted via a “private key”.


Archive & download incoming, outgoing emails or mailing lists for the time frame you specify.

Disk Usage

View & managed email account disk usage space in deleting emails from a specified time frame.

SPAM Control

Blacklist & whitelist email addresses in creating your own rules with SpamAssassin.


Enable additional security if your domain supports DNSSEC. Learn more about DNSSEC.

Addon / Alias Domains

Easily associate some of your other registered domain names in managing email accounts from a singular point.

Calendars and Contacts

Shared & sync your address books & contact with your email client & mobile devices.


Set & schedule custom autoresponders such as out of office replies or on leave auto replies.

Address Importer

Quickly import CSV or XLS based address books / contact lists.


Create global or account level filters in channeling mail to the correct locations or discard unwanted mail.

Mailing Lists

Add mailing lists to send mail to easily send mail to multiple recipients.

Backup Service Features

Regular Backups

We provide 14 days worth of backups for restoration by default.

All your backup data is stored in encrypted locations.

Encrypted Backups

Choose from the following types of backups to be run on your accounts:

Regular, Encrypted (Local Key, Remote Key) or No Backups

Restore Options

Full account restoration & granular restore options such as files, email accounts, databases, SSL Certficates, DNS Zones & cron jobs.

Custom Backups

Need a custom backup retention & location policy? Open a support ticket with your requirements for us to assist.


Website Builder

All our cPanel hosting plans include a website builder, drag & drop your way to a professional responsive website.

To make it even easier to get your design off the ground you can import any website with our import feature.

Once your order had been confirmed you can import, edit, save & publish your website with all our hosting plans. Test out the feature below.

199 Templates

Take a scroll though the different template categories below or view all our templates.

Website Builder Plugins

Click on an icon below to view the plugins within a category. We have a full set of plugins to assist you in all aspect of building & maintaining your website & in sell you're products online.

Website Builder Features

Easy to Use

Drag & drop your way to a professional live site with ease without any coding knowledge.

199 Templates

Customize 199 responsive templates to create your own modern, vibrant & responsive website.

Social Media

Social media plugins assist in expanding your audience & keeping clients connected to your buisness.


Easily select from many plugins, simply drag and drop them in place onto your pages.

Online Store

Sell your products & services online with a simplified checkout by making use of eCommerce functions.

SEO Management

Gain visibility on Search Engines & easily link Google Analytics tracking for visitor stats.

Payment Gateways

31 ways for you to get paid. PayFast recommended for South Africa, PayPal with an FNB account.

Responsive Website

All websites are designed for effective & responsive display on phones, tablets, notebooks & desktops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we are based in South Africa due to the availbility of higher performing encrypted infrastructure our servers are located in United States.
Moving a website & all associated data from any Linux platorm does not pose an issue. We would just need the relevant access details in either case.
Definitely, just open a support ticket & send us the specifications you require.
DV (Domain Validation) SSL certifcates are supplied, you can purchase OV (Orgnisation Validation) & EV (Extended Validation) certificates from the control panel.
By default all backup data is stored in encrypted locations within the United States. Backups are carried out on daily basis & are retained for 14 days. Enabling you to restore the required data within a 14 day window. If you require an alternative backup configuration such monthly backups retained for 12 months let us know we will provide you with pricing based on your requirements.
From your control panel you can choose between regular backups as described above or enable client side encryption where we keep a record of the encryption keys (we can assist if the key is lost), you keep a record of the encryption keys (we cannot assist if the key is lost) or to have no backups at all.
Currently the encrypted backup restoration processess caters for full account restorations. For a more granular restore when making use of encrypted backups one would need to extract the required data from the arhive. If you need assisance you can open a support ticket.